Frequently Asked Questions

Need more clarification? Look through the frequently asked questions below and see if that helps. If not, please contact us!

How much do the FARMERS CARE courses cost?

The FARMERS CARE courses are provided to you by AgSafe Alberta for free!

When will I get my certificate?

You will receive your FARMERS CARE certificate after:

  1. You complete the FARMERS CARE course in it's entirety, and 
  2. An administrator from AgSafe Alberta SEED checks over your answers to make sure they make sense

After this, you will get an email from us with your personalized, unique certificate, and a badge that you can download to place inside your email signature, website, social meida, or wherever else!

How do I place my badge into my email signature?

Follow these steps to place your FARMERS CARE Level 1 badge into your email signature!

1. Download the badge from the AgSafe Alberta SEED email that was sent to you.
2. For Gmail, log in to your gmail account and go to the upper right corner to select the Settings (gear) icon. Choose See all settings.
3. Navigate to the General tab and scroll to the Signature section.
4. Either select Create new to create a new email signature, or choose your existing one to edit it.
5. Place your mouse cursor wherever you would like the badge to show up in your signature.
6. Select the Image icon at the bottom, and then upload your image using the box that appears. You can resize the badge using the Small, Medium, Large, or Original Size options there.
7. Select Save Changes. Your new email signature is ready to go!

These steps should be more or less the same with other Email providers. Please contact us at for additional help.

Do I get a copy of my answers?

Yes, you will be able to print your answers to our safety questions from a report that is emailed to you after you complete the program.